Seminars 2011/12

Urban Salon / Just Space Network

Alternative futures for London: seminars

As one forum for the development of ideas, arising from the experiences of the London Plan EiP, a group of university people are proposing to convene a series of open seminars to run during the next university session.

The idea is not yet formalised and needs comments, inputs, suggestions, from activists and groups who would be interested to take part.  Provisionally….

The aim would be to develop thinking about the future of London as a more socially just and more environmentally innovative city. Topics would be separate each time, but the aim would be to build up a shared knowledge, analysis and strategies as the programme goes along.

These seminars would be held (roughly) monthly in accessible places. Community groups, students and researchers would equally be welcome. There would be no charges.

Speakers would be drawn from activists, campaigns, researchers (both university staff and research students) and perhaps international guests. Format of sessions to be discussed.

These seminars would be separate from the meetings of the Urban Salon (which is an intermittent get-together of people from university urban studies, geography and planning departments) but there would be overlaps of participation.

If you would like to comment on this proposal or be on the mailing list please get in touch via  Comments can be made on this page please – scroll down

So far this idea has support from people in
UCL (Geography and Planning)
King’s College London (Geography)

and others are expected to join in.

There is no budget (yet) for this project.  It will depend on the enthusiasm and time of participants.

London June 2011


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