The EiP began on June 28th and takes place at City Hall before an independent planning inspector. It takes place over 32 days. You are encouraged to attend.

Sessions begin 09:30 am and approximately 2:00 pm. There are no sittings on Wednesdays.

Hearings dates:
(June 28,29  July 1,2, 5,6, 8,9, 12,13, 15,16)
September 6, 9,10, 13,14, 16,17, 20,21, 23
October 5, 7,8, 11,12, 14,15, 18,19,21,22

See the new schedule of sessions here

See the GLA’s EiP site here

See the previous (July) schedule here

The EiP is a public hearing of arguments about the draft plan conducted by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The EiP Panel looked at the comments from the public and stakeholders on the draft Plan and chose which matters (topics) it wished to consider at the examination.  For each topic it chose participants, from those who submitted comments, to attend the EiP.  The participants may then submit written statements focussing on the matters. At the hearings, policies will be scrutinised through discussions between objectors and supporters and the GLA will need to show that the policies are sound and deliverable.

The Panel positively encourages ‘out-of-court’ discussions between participants throughout the process to reduce the load on the examination itself. In practice, this means discussions with the GLA who can make amendments to its proposed plan at any stage.

The draft list of Matters and Participants was subject to a review and more community participants were added as a result of many requests including from Just Space and Haringey Federation of Residents Associations. We asked for community representation on an additional 27 matters, and have been granted 22 of these. But a number of crucial sessions on the ‘strategic’ issues still exclude any grassroots representation and that may need further challenge.

2010 Dates for the London Plan EiP

January 12 End of three month public consultation on the draft replacement London Plan. Deadline for comments.

Mar. 25th Draft List of Matters and Participants published (not 16th, announced earlier). Then the next day, 26 March, Just Space network had its own meeting to consider this draft list and prepare its response, at the London Tenants Federation, 11-17 The Marr, Camden Street, NW1 0HE .

Mar. 30th Preliminary meeting at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA.

April 23 Final date for comments on draft List of Matters and Participants: we can argue for changes in the topics and/or those chosen to speak.

May 13 Final List of Matters and Participants published

June 7 Final date for further written statements – to be prepared by those chosen to participate

June 28 – July 16   EiP hearings – first part

July 16 break for holiday

August 16  12 noon Final date for submission of further written statements relating to second block of Hearings

August 23 – part of the Housing SPG  will be available on the GLA web site. We then have one week to submit a statement of up to 1,000 words on it and on the recent documents published by the GLA, namely the Housing Design Standards Evidence Summary and the SHLAA and HCS Viability Assessment.

6 Sept – Hearings resume until 23 October approx

20 October – Government’s Public Spending Review Report published: GLA to report on how it will affect London Plan policies

Not before 6 December – two further sessions on Gypsies and Travellers and Aggregates

November  – Inspector prepares report


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