draft programme: Just Space observations

Comments from Just Space on the Draft Matters and Issues: JS comments all

Covering letter to Mr Robottom & Mr Lavender c/o EiP Secretariat, Committee Room 1, City Hall, SE1 2AA

Date: 27 April 2010

Dear Panel Chair and Panel Inspector,

Draft List of Matters and Participants

The Just Space Network would like to formally request a seat at all hearings of the London Plan EiP.

Just Space is a network of community and voluntary sector groups, some local, others London-wide or federations of local groups.  Our primary purpose is to support a diversity of community voices in being represented and heard at the London Plan EiP.

For about every matter of discussion, we find there is a predominance of public bodies, service providers and those with business and financial interests.  In the interest of equity and balance, we consider there should be community representation at every matter and a significant increase in the numbers of community groups participating.  What we envisage would be similar to the arrangement for London Council’s and the Boroughs; a standing seat for London Council’s and Just Space Network at each session and other seats that enable interested Boroughs and community groups to participate.

In case the Panel is not minded to provide Just Space with a standing seat, we have identified our priority matters and submitted comment forms seeking representation at these hearings.  Of course, these are an addition to the invitations we have already received, which we acknowledge with thanks and will be taking up.

For each matter, we were unsure how much detail you required.  We opted for brevity, on the basis that if necessary you can refer to our original submissions which are quite lengthy.  We hope very much we have given sufficient reasons for supporting our requests.

Kind regards,

Richard Lee

On behalf of Just Space Network

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