Topics List

The sessions are listed broadly by subject

Find more detail in the schedule and participants and questions for each session

Vision and Objectives of the Plan (28,29 June)
Olympic legacy (1 July)
Outer London: high level of growth (2 July)
Inner London: quality of life, local uses (5 July)
Effects of regeneration on communities (6 July)
Growth of new ‘Town Centres’ (6 July)
Out-of-town supermarkets (6 July)
Open space, loss of (8 July)
Spread of offices outside City (9 July)
Loss of Industrial Land (9 July)
Arts, culture and tourism (12 July)
Protection of Street Markets (13 July)   Small Shops (13 July)
Adaptation to Climate Change (15, 16 July)
Innovative energy (16 July)
Urban Greening (16 July)
Flood Risk (6 Sept)
Waste Capacity (7 Sept)
Transport capacity and funding (9 Sept)
Aviation (10 Sept)
Sustainable transport, congestion (13 Sept)
Air Quality (16 Sept)
Building neighbourhoods and communities (14 Sept)
Local character (14 Sept)
Architecture (14 Sept)
Heritage (16 Sept)
Tall Buildings (17 Sept)
Biodiversity (16 Sept)
Land for Food (16 Sept)
Burial Grounds (16 Sept)

Green Belt and Open Space (17 Sept)
Thames and Waterways Use (20 Sept)

Implementation and Monitoring of the Plan (21, 22 Sept)
Section 106 Planning Obligations (21 Sept)

Housing Projections seminar (4 Oct)
Quality of life and health (5 Oct)
Housing supply (5 and 6 Oct)
Housing density and design (8 Oct)
Existing housing and social infrastructure (11 Oct)
Mixed and balanced communities (14 Oct)
Affordable Housing (14, 15 Oct)

Gypsies and Travellers (After 6 December)


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